Thursday, 6 July 2017


Davide Corsi & Massimiliano Filadoro

The VICE-VERSA TAROT is a double sided deck. Every card has artwork on both sides, one showing the card on its front and one showing the card from the back. Like two faces of a concept or two sides of a coin, the VICE-VERSA TAROT expresses the meaning and symbols of each Arcana not as a snapshot paralysed in time, but as a three-dimensional whole, flowing from day to night, from action to understanding…from front to back. 

78 full colour cards and instructions

Available from deep books

£17.99 inc VAT


Venice XV Century

This new collection of Lo Scarabeo is named “Anima Antiqua” (ancient soul) and is made up of collectors' editions, created with the greatest care and quality as limited and numbered editions. This volume of the collection is the famous Sola Busca Tarot. One of the oldest decks ever created, the Sola Busca is renowned for its alchemical symbology and for having inspired many of the minor Arcana cards of the Rider Waite Smith deck. It has been reproduced with philological accuracy. Numbered edition limited to 2,999 copies. 

78 full colour cards and instructions

Available from deep books

£26.00 inc VAT


Chris Butler

Healing Light is a Celtic concept. Light never shines at its fullest - it always comes with its own shadow. At Dusk and Dawn, when the veil between this world and the spiritual realm is at its thinnest, is a time for visions, realisations and, above all, healing. The other main motif on each card of this deck is the mandorla, the oval shaped portal created when two circles overlap and it is a symbol of the divine feminine. The mandorla is a healing gateway: where it opens, there is healing and wholeness. The 22 Major Arcana represent spiritual archetypes and the unseen divine powers guiding our lives. The 56 Minor Arcana represent the four elements: pentacles are the suit of earth and body, swords represent air and mind, wands symbolise fire and creativity whilst, finally, cups embody water and heart. 

78 full colour cards and instructions

Available from deep books

£22.00 inc VAT


Alessia Pastorello , Simone Gabrielli , Barbara Moore , Sabrina Ariganello , Grzegorz Krysinski

2 packs 78 full colour cards & 160pp full colour book

Available from deep books

£38.00 inc VAT

THE BOOK OF SHADOWS TAROT is composed of two Tarot decks. Following the wiccan rede of “As Above, So Below”, one deck focuses on the Wiccan tenets, beliefs and the Divine world. The other deck - So Below - is an expression on how those beliefs and energies manifest on the material plane and in our everyday lives. This new, complete edition, for the first time, includes in a single package the two Tarot decks and the beautiful book by Barbara Moore.

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