Friday, 31 May 2019


Arthur Edward Waite. Illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith

Lo Scarabeo are excited to present a new edition of one of the most popular tarot decks in the world. The RADIANT WISE SPIRIT TAROT shows off the original 1909 line-art by Pamela Coleman- Smith to its best advantage with vivid, warm colours. Eliminating the borders allows you to immerse yourself completely in the images enhancing your own intuition and knowledge.

78 full colour cards and instructions
Available from deep books

£26.00 inc VAT


Renata Lechner

The Thelema Trilogy comprises of the Thelema Tarot and the Arcanum Tarot and concludes with the MILLENNIUM THOTH TAROT, an inspiring deck based on the Crowley-Thoth Tarot that blends modernity and fantasy. This deck by Renata Lechner reveals the magic and dreams to be found in these images making the deck suitable for both Thoth enthusiasts and beginners.

78 full colour cards and instructions
Available from deep books

£26.00 inc VAT


New Edition Gina M. Pace. Illustrated by Luca Raimondo and Cristiano Spadoni

The Pagan Tarot has become a modern classic. Setting aside traditional Christian imagery, the Pagan Tarot presents the arcana through the eyes of the pagan worldview. We are happy to offer this new edition with a brand new graphic and borderless cards..

78 full colour cards and instructions
Available from deep books

£27.99 inc VAT

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

February 2019 New Tarot Arrivals


Giuliano Costa

Created by Giuliano Costa, who gave us the Mystical Tarot, the PRE-RAPHAELITE TAROT brings an intriguing beauty to Tarot. Giuliano Costa combines the sumptuousness of Pre-Raphaelite art with compelling surrealism and surprising symbolism while remaining true to the traditional meanings of the Tarot. These images will inspire your mind, enchant your eyes and transform your soul.

78 full colour cards and instructions
Available from deep books

£18.99 inc VAT


Arthur Rackham

Arthur Rackham was one of the most famous British illustrators of the Victorian era and is still loved by many today. Now, we have a deck created from his images and celebrating the fairies and fairytales of British folklore. Follow the wee folk into the forest and shadows in search of light and insight.

78 full colour cards and instructions
Available from deep books

£18.99 inc VAT

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

STARMAN TAROT KIT - Limited Edition


Davide De Angelis

STARMAN TAROT is an idea conceived by the artist, designer and philosopher, Davide De Angelis, and inspired by the artworks he created for David Bowie.

STARMAN TAROT is a highly innovative and dynamic rendition – evolution - of the ancient Tarot System.

Through powerful archetypes and mesmerising dreamscapes- the deck speaks powerfully and directly about the turbulent times we are currently facing and is a portal to a vivid and miraculous future. It gives all who use it access to a vital form of creative expression, revealed wisdom and guidance.

STARMAN TAROT is a living, shape-shifting system to be explored for countless generations.


A unique, luxury, cube shaped box, opening like a treasure chest into the aesthetic worlds De Angelis created for David Bowie.
The highest quality, for an high value, high price edition, for collectors, with larger cards,
special processings, gilding and additional content.
Special features exclusive to the Limited Edition:
- Larger cards with gilded edges
- One additional card
- Art book with metallic paper printing
- Hardcover book
- Certification cards with numbered edition

Box size: 160x160x160 mm
Card size: 85x160 mm
Number of cards: 80
Book size: 155x155 mm
Number of pages: 192
Language: English
Artbook size: 155x155 mm
Number of pages: 48
Box quality: 2 mm greyboard, matt lamination, foil and spot UV effects
Cards quality: 350 gsm, borderless, full colour printing, rounded corners, UV varnished, gilded edges
Book quality: hardcover, ends, head and tail bands, ribbon, 105 gsm paper, full colour,
lamination and foil on book cover, gilded edges
Art book quality: section sewn, metallic paper, five colour printing, foil and UV effects on book cover

Available from deep books  £85.00 inc VAT


Davide De Angelis

This kit edition includes 78 full colour tarot cards and a 192-page colour guidebook.
Available from deep books £34.00 inc VAT


Davide De Angelis

78 full colour cards
Available from deep books
£28.00 inc VAT