Thursday, 14 July 2011


Yes dear readers, the long awaited Ludy Lescot Tarot Deck is due to make it's appearance at deep books on Monday 18th June. 

Ludy Lescot is a young esoteric and student of the arts, who one could meet on the streets in the French Quarter of New Orleans during the summer. Ludy is very shy, but she unexpectedly gained renown when a few famous personalities declared that they were “saved” thanks to her valuable advice. By faithfully following Ludy’s notes and sketches, Patrizio Evangelisti designed a fascinating tarot deck with great symbolic power and expression, capable of touching the hearts of all who use it. 

78 full colour cards & instruction booklet. £17.99 inc VAT

This time round I would also like to plug one of my favourite tarot decks from Lo Scarabeo. The Jodorowski & Camoin Tarot of Marseille is simply superb. 

Thanks to secret documents held by the Camoin family, the original printers of the Tarot of Marseille deck, and many years of research by Phillippe Camoin and Alexandre Jodorowski, this Tarot has been restored to it's original 17th C style. Many missing symbols lost through time have been restored to the deck and the original colours which had changed due to modern printing methods in the 18th C have been carefully reproduced.                                                
 78 full colour tarot cards & instruction booklet  £31.00