Tuesday, 4 April 2017


This is a new edition of the Marseille Tarot – featuring only the major arcana in a large format.

Claude Burdel

 The Marseille deck, in the recoloured version of the Claude Burdel deck, printed originally in 1751, is one of the three cornerstones of the Tarot tradition. This is the deck the greatest esotericists and magicians of the previous century used to study the Tarot and to create the ideas and the meanings which form the basis of our modern understanding. The Marseille deck, also, is said to come from even more ancient sources, with knowledge and symbols predating the other known decks and going back to ancient Egypt, to the Pythagorean school and to the origins of Kabbalah, Astrology and Alchemy.. 

This deck contains 22 full colour cards and instruction booklet

Available from deep books

£12.99 inc VAT