Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Fournier - Lisa Parker

From the artwork of the world renowned Fantasy and Spiritual artist, Lisa Parker, TAROT FAMILIARS is a deck full of charm, cuteness, mystery and insight. The magic breathes life on each of these cards, creating a world that is well beyond the extraordinary.

The deck contains 78 full colour cards:

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£19.99 inc VAT


Giuliano Costa

In the MYSTICAL TAROT, ancient tradition meets modern vision. Symbols, magic and esotericism of the ancient arts have been absorbed by the artist and scholar in order to be moulded anew in a design of great, alchemical beauty.

Oil painted one by one on wood, each of these Arcana is a masterpiece on its own, a secret chalice overflowing with the Italian Tarot tradition of mystique and painting technique.

78 full colour cards and instruction booklet.

Available from deep books

£17.99 inc VAT

New additions to the deep books range

Liz Dean, Illustrated by Bev Speight

The pairing of Steampunk and the tarot is a perfect match.
Like the tarot itself, steampunk looks to both the past and the future. THE VICTORIAN STEAMPUNK TAROT contains an insightful book and a full deck of 78 tarot cards, which can be used to explore the past, unravel the mysteries of the present and predict the future. This innovative deck, which features illustrations by Bev Speight, is presented in a steampunk-style embossed box with lock mechanism. THE VICTORIAN STEAMPUNK TAROT perfectly encapsulates the Steampunk spirit and will be loved by both tarot aficionados and beginners. In the accompanying book, best-selling tarot author Liz Dean clearly explains the meanings for all the cards and describes easy to follow layouts, which will allow readers to connect with the images, sparking their imagination and intuition. 

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£12.99 inc VAT


Liz Dean, Illustrated by Melissa Launay

This exquisite deck brings in all the archetypal symbols of the Golden Dawn and the Renaissance tarots. From the figure-eight to the crayfish, and the pomegranate to the tower, here's where you begin to decode ancient symbols for future prediction, insight and affirmation in your daily life. With this full deck of 78 cards and a full-colour, step-by-step guide, you will be reading cards in just a few hours. 

Available from deep books

£14.99 inc VAT


Jayne Wallace

Illustrated bJane Delaford-Taylor 

Explore the past, present and future with OCEANIC TAROT.
Discover the ancient art of tarot with this beautiful ocean-themed set of 78 cards and an accompanying book, stunningly illustrated by Jane Delaford-Taylor. The traditional major and minor arcana are translated into a magical world of mermen, mermaids and sea creatures. The book reveals the interpretations for each card, as well as explaining how to lay the cards out for different types of reading, so you will easily learn how to draw out meaning from the past, gain insight into the present and predict the future. 

Available from deep books

£14.99 inc VAT

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